Tundi Board welcomes Asher Pucciarello

Hugh, Jenna and Cailin are thrilled that Asher will be joining our board!

From Asher:

I am writing to accept the invitation offered to me to join the Tundi Board of Directors. I want to outline my understanding of what Tundi provides to our community and to offer support toward attainment of the goals this implies.

For some years I knew about your success presenting local operas but was properly introduced when my ten-year old son participated in the adult chorus of Brattleboro Music Center’s 2018 production of Puccini’s Turandot. Through this experience I gained a fairly intimate view of your energy, talent and abilities. During rehearsals I became aware of the unusually high level of ingenuity and respect with which you directed the orchestral musicians and the choral and solo artists regardless of their age, level of experience, or assumed ability. You continually inspired the performers to take risks to understand the language, music and themselves as artists as fully as possible and in ways that many involved had assumed was out of their reach.

What stood out most, however, was not individual artists gaining in opportunity or skill or the fact that you arrived at successful performances of Turandot. For weeks of preparation, I saw performers focusing on what was on the page and what they thought they were capable of doing wit voices or instruments were capable of and I saw you refocusing them on the resource of their inner experience and on each other. Because of your guidance, once the performers were put together before an eager audience, an outcome manifested that was beyond the imagination of most people involved. I spoke to many of the performers and not a few of the audience members that attended the three performances. While I am sure not many would put it exactly this way, I am aware from what they did say to me that you lifted almost all involved to what I would describe as a secular experience of communion.

I know that this is true for my son. Young as he is, you related to him with respect and expectation from the very first rehearsal he showed up for. And because you allowed him to channel the intensity native to his disposition, he now hungers for the next opportunity to raise his voice and to work with you in the context of staging an opera. On a daily basis he sits at the piano and sings with a longing not just to sit at the piano singing alone but waiting to bring his creativity into a collective experience.

While this may sound inflated, please understand that my thinking, and my interest in supporting Tundi, comes out of my 25 years’ experience working as a mental health counselor and the study this entails. I am aware of the difficulties artistic and extremely sensitive individuals are up against in terms of finding a sense of belonging personally and in our society. Struggling independently, without adequate direction, they so often succumb to illness or to someone else’s belief that they are ill. And if our artists flounder, then we do. So little in our local, hectic lives offers any of us an adequate opportunity to confront our humanity together, as a larger community and in an embodied and formal way.

Research bears out that when we have rituals or shared experiences that allow for creative expression and exploration of the questions and tensions embedded in our daily lives, we are healthier. I believe that opera has endured exactly for this reason. I also believe that opera gains in significance when produced locally, inclusive of people we known intimately and performed in community spaces used more generally. Then it becomes a perfect medium for the kind of ritual I am referring to. I believe these values are implicit in your work and future endeavors.

For these reasons, I would like to help Tundi in any way I can to become well established artistically and to arrive at a state of security regarding finances and personnel that allows for differentiation between the production and the direction of local opera. To bring opera to our area both of you have historically done everything necessary. Costuming, finding venues, work on sets, staging, voice coaching, conducting, arranging for transportation and fundraising is an incomplete list. With a functional organizational board and the help that can enlist, Tundi will be able to fulfill its potential as a needed community resource.

Asher Pucciarello

TUNDI NEWS THE IDES OF MARCH (and Hugh's Birthday)

Reminder: Open Masterclass March 23, 2019 4-6PM Brattleboro Music Center

The Re-Turn of Rebecca Turner

for a week of inspiration, pedagogy and an open to the public masterclass as we get just a little closer to Tristan.

Becky, who has sung many Elsas, Elisabeths and Sentas, is muse and mentrix for TUNDI,we cannot wait for her arrival!

Advanced singers are invited to schedule lessons with Becky during the week she is here. For more information send an email to info@tundiproductions.org

UPDATE: Richard-Wagner-Verband-Internationale

has us emblazoned on their events calendar and website! This just couldn't be more validating. RWVI operates from Bayreuth and supports and coordinates the work of Wagner Societies worldwide. We are extremely grateful to Audrey Buchanan working with President Horst Eggers for their interest. They are delighted that we are operating independently and outside a large conurbation.

Bitte informieren Sie sich online bei


Wonderful News from Bayreuth!

Wonderful news from Bayreuth!....

….HQ of RWVI/Richard-Wagner-Verband-International/International Association of Wagner Societies!!

This is the mothership of Wagner Societies worldwide, to whom we had written an exploratory and introductory letter about TUNDI and our Tristan und Isolde in August, and this is what they wrote back...we are delighted, and have of course accepted with gratitude. Primarily, their response is an extraordinary validation of what we are about, and please let's all communicate enthusiastically about this particular success. We are being promoted from Bayreuth!

Here is their response letter:

Dear Mr Keelan

Thank you for your email, which has reached me in the first instance, as I am the web content manager for the RWVI.  I believe I can answer on behalf of President Eggers, and I am copying him on my response.

It was interesting to learn of your forthcoming production of Tristan and your passion for Wagner.  We are always very encouraged by such initiatives, especially in communities that don't have large and established opera houses, and wish you every success.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for young artists to sing Wagner roles.

May I also congratulate you on your excellent and informative website, to which I shall provide a link on our site.

As an organisation, I regret however that we are unable to sponsor or fund events of this kind.  May I suggest that you consult our website for your nearest Wagner Society and approach them for support.  You will find full contact details for the Societies listed.  We have a number of Wagner Societies in North America, and I am sure they will be interested to learn of your venture.

For my part, I will list your production in the events section of our website in the next few days and will mention it in our next newsletter, which is due out in June or July.

I hope this will be a great success and you will be encouraged to tackle other works by Wagner in the future.

With best wishes

Andrea Buchanan

Web Content Manager and Board Member, RWVI

Please know that TUNDI is in communication with Boston Wagner Society and planning is underway; I am looking to have a phone conversation with someone from Wagner Society of New York in next few days.

All systems go, with a great pat on the back from Bayreuth.

Warmly Hugh & Jenna

Here is the Link to their site! We are listed in their events calendar already!!!


Happy New Year! Tickets on sale for Tristan und Isolde

Happy New Year Everyone 
We have big news! 

Tickets are on sale for Tristan und Isolde August 23 and 25, 2019 at the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro.  

Please follow the link for our website below for more info!

Concert Schedule for 2019 is on our Website

We've created a monthly concert opportunity for us to come together and create, discover and explore the wonderful work of Richard Wagner.  The first of these is in just a few days on Jan 12 at the Brattleboro Music Center at 4PM.  We hope you can join us! Please visit our site for more information about tickets and upcoming events.

Wagner in Summer

Please join us! 

Sunday July 22, 2018 3PM Brattleboro Music Center

Brünnhildes Leben



Perhaps, in childhood, we each have a preferred parent figure with whom we experience a natural sympathy. We grow up a little, we start to see the flaws and struggles of those we worshipped unconditionally. We start to individuate, perhaps forcefully. At some point we find ourselves in a life that is not an exact replica of the one we inherited. In maturity we find we have acquired a voice, we may carry a peace and acceptance, but also the unresolved issues of a lifetime may push themselves to the fore for us to confront: family, new directions, our past, success and failure, our views of ourself and others.

At the end, we can take charge of our final chapter, or let it be written for us.

This is a description of Brünnhilde's journey, and despite her being a mythical warrior/scavenger, it is also yours and mine.

Who is the Valkyrie?  Come on a journey with us as we examine Brünnhilde's transformation from wish-maiden to martyr.  Jenna will sing, Hugh will play and we will all have a chance to discuss how the growth and transformation of this beloved character resonates with our lives. 

Tickets available at the door or at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brunnhildes-leben-tickets-47765655361 $10-$50 by donation. 

One Week, Two Concerts: June

June begins  with a burst of activity!  June 3 we offer an afternoon of Relationships of Wagnerian proportions and June 5 an evening of beautiful, transcendent art song.  Hugh and Jenna will also be busy performing with friends and family later in the month so stay tuned for more June activities in Brattleboro, Northampton, Cambridge England and London! 

June 3, 2018 2:00 PM Brattleboro Music Center
Relationships: Oh, what a tangled web...
selections from Wagner's Die Walküre and Tristan und Isolde

June 5, 2018 7:00PM The home of Ede Thomas
Journey of the Soul
Songs of Brahms, Britten and Strauss

email tundiproductions@gmail.com
call or text 802.258.0229 for more information