Wagner in Summer

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Sunday July 22, 2018 3PM Brattleboro Music Center

Brünnhildes Leben



Perhaps, in childhood, we each have a preferred parent figure with whom we experience a natural sympathy. We grow up a little, we start to see the flaws and struggles of those we worshipped unconditionally. We start to individuate, perhaps forcefully. At some point we find ourselves in a life that is not an exact replica of the one we inherited. In maturity we find we have acquired a voice, we may carry a peace and acceptance, but also the unresolved issues of a lifetime may push themselves to the fore for us to confront: family, new directions, our past, success and failure, our views of ourself and others.

At the end, we can take charge of our final chapter, or let it be written for us.

This is a description of Brünnhilde's journey, and despite her being a mythical warrior/scavenger, it is also yours and mine.

Who is the Valkyrie?  Come on a journey with us as we examine Brünnhilde's transformation from wish-maiden to martyr.  Jenna will sing, Hugh will play and we will all have a chance to discuss how the growth and transformation of this beloved character resonates with our lives. 

Tickets available at the door or at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brunnhildes-leben-tickets-47765655361 $10-$50 by donation.