TUNDI NEWS THE IDES OF MARCH (and Hugh's Birthday)

Reminder: Open Masterclass March 23, 2019 4-6PM Brattleboro Music Center

The Re-Turn of Rebecca Turner

for a week of inspiration, pedagogy and an open to the public masterclass as we get just a little closer to Tristan.

Becky, who has sung many Elsas, Elisabeths and Sentas, is muse and mentrix for TUNDI,we cannot wait for her arrival!

Advanced singers are invited to schedule lessons with Becky during the week she is here. For more information send an email to info@tundiproductions.org

UPDATE: Richard-Wagner-Verband-Internationale

has us emblazoned on their events calendar and website! This just couldn't be more validating. RWVI operates from Bayreuth and supports and coordinates the work of Wagner Societies worldwide. We are extremely grateful to Audrey Buchanan working with President Horst Eggers for their interest. They are delighted that we are operating independently and outside a large conurbation.

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